Warszawa, Erlang

Scalable backend solutions with 100% uptime from Silversoft Sp. z o.o. company based on Erlang

We specialize in creating scalable, real-time backend solutions with 100% uptime in Erlang. Additionally, thanks to exceptional scalability of our software on modern multi-processor servers, its performance is outstanding. It is also pefrectly stable, even with high load.

The key asset for every IT company is good backend system. This is the heart of the company. It has to work perfectly, be reliable and highly error-proof. It must not crash. This type of software we do - error proof, solid and reliable.

Our backends can compare with top western companies. For example, Sport Commentator we created serves 1.5+ mln users simultaneously in real time and is scalable to 10+ mln. Its reliability is proved by its 100% uptime since start-up.

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